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The AeroArt International Double-Eagle.

AeroArt International, Inc. was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1992 with the objective of selling aviation films and aviation artwork. It has since become the producer of award-winning military miniatures.

AeroArt International provides its extensive film library to firms producing documentaries, training films and advertising for television and industry. AeroArt International selected the well-respected film company Corbis/Second Line Search as its partner in marketing the Pan Am film collection.

Additionally, AeroArt developed several annual aviation illustration calendars for American Airlines in concert with its associates in England, The Military Gallery/Universal Publishing.

Military Miniatures

Every figure comes with a specially marked base

Each of our figures comes with a specially marked base that lists the number, sculptor, and painter. For a more detailed look at base markings refer to the book History In Miniature: The St. Petersburg Collection

In late 1992/early 1993, AeroArt International began the coordinated development and marketing of Russian-manufactured toy soldiers selling under the name “Soldiers of Russia”. In 1994 our miniatures became known as The St. Petersburg Collection® and earned its reputation for demanding standards of the high quality of figures from Russian soldier sculptors and painters. Now also identified as The AeroArt St. Petersburg Collection®, AeroArt is known world wide as a purveyor of the very highest quality historical miniatures. Now starting it's 19th year, our figures have earned gold and silver medals in the most advanced competitions for painting, sculpting and overall excellence. Look for the double-eagle trademark on the bottom of our miniatures; this eagle symbol is your guarantee of excellence – a genuine AeroArt St. Petersburg figure. Each miniature is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

AeroArt Publishing

Our publishing debut of books complementing the historical periods of The AeroArt St. Petersburg Collection® miniatures is The Crusades, our vibrant pictorial presentation and unbiased text of the eight crusades of the Middle Ages. With the publication of History in Miniature: The St. Petersburg Collection™, AeroArt Publishing establishes the visual record of Thor Johnson’s pioneering accomplishments to create The AeroArt St. Petersburg Collection®, a unique assemblage of extraordinary connoisseur Russian miniatures, for presentation to collectors worldwide.

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