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3rd Legion - Gallica

“Under Marcus Antonius they defeated the Parthians under Carbulo, the Armenians and had lately discomforted the Sarmatians.” (Tacitus) The III Gallica Legion was reformed by Caesar in 49 BC with Gallic in their title indicating their formation in Gaul and differentiating them from Pompey’s 3rd Legion. The 3rd was one of the legions Mark Antony took to the East during the Second Triumvirate and the 3rd was made part of the Syrian station for a substantial period. The legion was badly mauled in the First Jewish Revolt before single handedly crushing 9000 Sarmatian cavalry in Moesia. This feared legion would lead the way into Italy to defeat Vitellius and make its former general Vespasian emperor in 69 AD.

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