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Dragon Cannon w/Samurai Artillerymen (3 pieces on single base)

Dragon Cannon w/Samurai Artillerymen (3 pieces on single base)

Each figure is individually painted by hand. Painting will vary from pictures shown here. These figures are not intended for children.


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Product Description

Records of Japan’s use of gunpowder artillery prior to the 15th C are sketchy. Japan’s proximity to China indicates that it was familiar with the use of gunpowder by the late 1300s.
Gunpowder cannons were undoubtedly captured in the wars Japan waged in Korea against Chinese and Korean forces.
Bronze cannons were cast by Oda Nobunaga for use at the Battle of Nagashino in 1575.
Artillery was also used at the Battle of Sekigahara by Japanese armies fighting in the ‘War of the States.”
The arrival of the Europeans to Japan witnessed the advent of new and more modern cannons to Japanese armies. The modernization of Japan and its weaponry was halted for 200 years in 1601 with the rule of
Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu and his policy of seclusion.

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Item Number 3569
Weight 2.0000
Inventory Type 54mm
Limited Edition No
Descriptor Cards 2017-00379

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