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Emperor Charlemagne

Emperor Charlemagne

Each figure is individually painted by hand. Painting will vary from pictures shown here. These figures are not intended for children.

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The Dark Ages were indeed dark. Rome was long gone, and with its demise law and order had disappeared. A common language, monetary system, trade and personal safety were all things of the past. In the later years of the western world’s disorder a remarkable ruler emerged, King Charles the Great or Charlemagne.
He was called the ‘father of Europe’ and he and his Carolingian Dynasty did lay lines for present states such as France, Germany and the Low Countries.
Despite having to be engaged in near constant warfare for his 47-year reign, Charlemagne managed to enact reforms in government, revitalize learning by building schools and libraries and help settle disputes within the Church.
Due to his strong support of the Papacy in Rome the Pope anointed him as the first Holy Roman Emperor on Christmas day 800 AD. This set the pattern for future Church and State relations for rulers of European nations.
In his last years, Charlemagne, had only one surviving son, Louis the Pious, who would inherit the throne.
Charlemagne died in his capital city, Aachen, in 814 AD at age 72.

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