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Battle of Kulikovo

During the 14th Century the Mongol Golden Horde ruled the Rus (Russia) through a group of appointed Russian princes. In September 1380, a Mongol force sent to punish Grand Prince Dimitri Donskoy of Moscow for insubordination was confronted by the armies of Prince Dimitri and his cousin Prince Valdimir at Kulikovo Field on the Don. Referred to as the Russian equivalent of Agincourt, Kulikovo led to lifting the Mongol yoke from the Rus. Despite considerable Russian losses, the victory was a great feat for the Rus as it demonstrated that the Golden Horde warriors could be beaten. Despite the Mongol sack of Moscow two years after Kulikovo, Russian resistance grew stronger. The church was able to diminish the internecine warfare between the Rus princes and focus them on the collective Mongol enemy. In the following century the Rus would cease to pay tribute to the Khan. Russia would emerge.

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