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Khutulun, Mongol Princess Warrior w/Snow Leopard

Khutulun, Mongol Princess Warrior w/Snow Leopard

Each figure is individually painted by hand. Painting will vary from pictures shown here. These figures are not intended for children.

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Product Description

Mongol Princess Khutulun was born the daughter of Mongol Khan Kaidu (1230-1301). Kaidu, nephew of Kha-Khan Khubilai, was head of the Ogedai clan and ruler of Mongol Central Asia. Kaidu spent the bulk of his career rebelling against his uncle, Khubilai, eventually losing at Kharakorum. Kaidu died shortly after.
Despite having 14 sons, Kaidu relied mostly on advice from his favorite offspring, his daughter Khutulun. Her military skills in warfare, archery, and equestrian ability was recorded in Marco Polo’s journals during the period the explorer spent with Kaidu’s forces.
Prior to his death in 1301 Kaidu determined that Khutulun should succeed him as head of the clan. Kaidu’s 14 sons firmly disagreed, and Khutulun was unable to prevail.
She died a few years later, in 1306.

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Item Number 6414
Weight 0.7000
Inventory Type 54mm
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Descriptor Cards 2017-00377

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