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Celt Chieftain Ambiorix w/Spear

Celt Chieftain Ambiorix w/Spear

Each figure is individually painted by hand. Painting will vary from pictures shown here. These figures are not intended for children.

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Product Description

Ambiorix was king of the Belgica tribe the Eburones which was a constant threat to Caesars legions in Gaul.
In the winter or 54 B.C. Caesars legions were dispersed in a series of winter camps. It was in this difficult fighting time that Ambiorix attacked the legions.
Ambiorix’s first action was to lure out of their encampment the tribunes Sabinus and Cotta along with several Roman Cohorts, all of whom were killed.
Ambiorix later proceeded to attack the legion encampment of legate Quintus Cicero, brother to the great orator. Legate Cicero, despite being vastly outnumbered by the barbarians, managed to get a message through the enemy lines to alert Caesar of the impending defeat.
Caesar with several legions routed the combined enemy forces and relieved the remains of Cicero’s embattled legion.
Caesar’s revenge on the Belgica tribes for the destruction of a legion and several cohorts was grim. While Ambiorix and his staff escaped to Germania, Caesar over the next three years eliminated the Belgica tribes, burning their villages and fields and decimating their numbers.

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Item Number 6394
Weight 0.4000
Inventory Type 54mm
Limited Edition No
Descriptor Cards 2016-00334

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