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The St. Petersburg Collection®

Two samurai warriors defeat a ninja assasin

The St. Petersburg Collection, a division of AeroArt International Inc, produces what many consider the world’s finest production model figures. Not to be confused with ‘toy soldiers’ which encompass simple sculpting, basic paint most often with gloss finish, and low cost, our model figures are made of ‘white metal’ (tin, lead and alloys) in 54mm (1/32) and 90mm, and rendered by esteemed master miniature craftsmen in Russia exclusively for The St. Petersburg Collection. After considerable research, our model figures are brilliantly sculpted and then painted in matte finish by master painters to realistically portray historical military subjects. They are made in limited quantity and become highly-prized collectibles for discerning collectors.


Our miniatures begin with inspiration. AeroArt has assembled one of the largest research libraries in the military miniature industry. It is extensively utilized to determine armor, heraldry and details of the time period before production of any figure is contemplated. The majority of the figures are commissioned by AeroArt although Russian soldier makers may offer their selections for our acceptance as part of The St. Petersburg Collection. Eventually the combined AeroArt international team comes alive with ideas and skill.

Detailed sculpting of every miniature


One of our master sculptors is selected for the commissioned project; and as the model takes shape, an advisor from the I. E. Repin Academical Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture is available for consultation and confirmation of balance and anatomy proportion. The sculpting ‘sketch’ is assessed in Russia and then in America. Our sculpting requires historical accuracy and artistic merit in addition to meeting engineering requirements for assembly which ensures that the final figure will be solid and balanced. Once the ‘sketch’ is approved, the sculptor produces the final sculpting. Yet another assessment is made before molds are produced to formulate the white metal casting.

Molding and Assembly

Multiple molds are required for each model figure, and internal steel rods reinforce the firm support of action poses. These rods keep the figures from collapsing over time. In order to preserve the crisp lines and small details inherent in our casting, molds are replaced after short production runs of 50-100 figures.

Assembly of the individual pieces is accomplished by some of the most experienced assemblers in the industry. Easily damaged lead weaponry of years ago has been replaced by swords, halberds, spears, etc made of bold and sharp stainless steel.


AeroArt provides detailed research material to our expert painters. In other segments of the military miniature industry, figures are painted in a factory setting. One painter paints eyes; one paints shirts, etc. The St. Petersburg Collection miniatures are individual works of art with coloration and embellishment applied by experienced, professional artists. Individual artistic painting style must meet our demanding standards. Our master painters train and monitor their teams in the continual effort to ensure quality. Each of our figures is signed by the painter who brought the model figure to lifelike presence. They proudly create figures for The St. Petersburg Collection.

The faces of our military miniatures


Miniatures are produced as a cottage industry for The St. Petersburg Collection only utilizing the skills of uniquely qualified artisans. Our production process necessitates small quantity and often long lead times before figures are available. Quality is not compromised to increase quantity.


Our international team of experts on both sides of the Atlantic ensure that each figure meets our exacting standards. AeroArt’s 19-year presence in St. Petersburg uniquely enables our rejection of miniatures when necessary. Many figures include a historic profile card describing the individual subject. A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies each accepted miniature in The St. Petersburg Collection.


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