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What are Military Miniatures?

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Miniature soldiers, antique and new, are available to collectors in varying qualities, depending on time period of production, materials used, and expertise of the soldier makers. A collector may prefer 'toy soldier' quality with simple sculpting/painting and modest investment or may opt for connoisseur 'model' figures. The St. Petersburg Collection® offers limited quantities of some of the finest 54mm (1/32) model figures.

AeroArt Publishing

The Crusades History in Miniature: The St. Petersburg Collection™
The Crusades Roman Prints

AeroArt Publishing develops and produces illustrated books and prints on a wide variety of history-related subjects. We have recently released our second book, History in Miniature: The St. Petersburg Collection™. Over two years in the making, this two-volume set contains thousands of photographs and detailed information about the evolution of the award winning figures.

The St. Petersburg Collection®

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The St. Petersburg Collection® offers award-winning, handcrafted 54mm and 90mm historical miniatures created by the finest Russian sculptors and artists. Our figures represent military history from ancient times to World War II. Our miniatures appeal to discerning collectors, historians, and corporations seeking executive gifts.

  • Carefully Researched
  • Individually Hand-painted
  • Meticulously inspected in both Russia and the United States
  • Scale: 54mm, 60mm, 90mm
Spartan and Greek Warriors

Special Auctions

Special Auctions

Our weekly auctions offer selected figures from inventory, one-of-a-kind prototypes, and/or discontinued figures via eBay. Most new auctions begin on Thursday nights at 9pm US Eastern Time, an additional 2-3 figures are added daily at various start times. The auctions are managed within our own offices, adding to your reassurance that transactions will be entirely satisfactory.